I am Dr Minimal, a French guy on his way to his 30’s who gave himself the objective of being financially free at 35.


Financial freedom is the ability to live on the interests of your own capital. It is the freedom of being able to stop working tomorrow while maintaining your lifestyle.


I don’t want to spend most of my life working in exchange for a promise of a pension at an old but unknown, constantly postponed age.

Today, I am lucky to have a job I like and very good working conditions. However, what motivates you today maybe won’t motivate you anymore in 20 years, and if you didn’t take your precautions by then, you will be trapped.


At Dr. Minimal’s house, we refuse to give into miserabilism. Granted, we are living in a country which advocates the welfare state, where money is an insult, where capitalism is synonymous with commercialism and where consumerism is the norm. But we kinda like this country, we are lucky to live there, and, at worst, we are not married with it.

So, instead of acting like complainypants, how do you become financially independent?

A lifestyle

Our lifestyle is a mountain of wastefulness suggested to us by torrents of advertisements flooding us from all sides. I advocate a simple lifestyle, where one does not increase its standard of living together with his income, where experiences are preferred over possessions, and quality over quantity. While plenty of resources about simple living, frugality and minimalism are available in English for North-American citizens, my constatation is that this subject is unfortunately still not mainstream in Europe and especially in France.


I am neither a rich heir, nor a successful entrepreneur who sold his startup. I am an early career employee (yes, I started late), who earns a reasonable wage, is content with little enough to live happily. I save and invest the rest. The goal being to have enough passive income to support a reasonable lifestyle for an unlimited amount of time. While English speakers and North-American citizens have plenty of resources on the subject of financial freedom and investment, European and more specifically French are sidelined. More important, I think the relationship between Minimalism and Financial Freedom is underrated. Using mainly real estate, stocks and frugality as a leverage, I will explain on this site my various investments and growth of my net worth towards the realization of my goals.

Aren’t you a bit exhibitionist?

Hey, indeed, why would I want to show off my money-projects on the worldwide web?

Money is taboo, especially in our country, and for the wrong reasons. This avoidance leads many people to flee the subject of personal finances like the plague, in favor of happiness-on-credit sellers.

By speaking publicly about it without taboo, I sincerely hope to make a humble contribution to its popularization.

So welcome, and enjoy the reading.

Dr. Minimal