March 2016: spending review

Dr. Minimal bio photo By Dr. Minimal

March 2016: the financial review

Total expenses: -2.740€


Category Amount
Vehicles, transports -47€
Sports, leisure -145€
Outings, trips -667€
Services -12€
Housing, real estate -1604€
Education -101€
Living expenses -161€

Again, the housing and travel budgets look totally blown up!

We signed the loan four our new rental investment (the one we equipped in February), which was about 1000€ in down-payment plus the first monthly payment (~300€ for the first month). We also bought the last furnitures for about 400€. The apartment is now ready to be inhabited, and we will start by trying to rent it out on Airbnb full-time until September!

The travel budget reflects the last part of our amazing vacations in an Asian country (about 250€), the rest is mainly transportation for other incoming trips in France.

Incomes: +3.085€

Category Amount
Salary 2.270€
Teaching gig 450€
Airbnb 270€
Life insurance bonus 100€

We have the second part of my teaching gig salary, my usual salary, some Airbnb revenues from renting our house while we were in Asia, and a 100€ bonus for opening a Life insurance in an online bank.

Saving rate: +12%

This month we have a not that impressive saving rate of +12%, still positive though. Next month there will be no more furnitures to buy for our rental investment, and (I hope!) there will be some revenues from renting it on Airbnb! Also, we’re back in France full-time, so the travel budget will calm down a lot.

All the best,

Dr. Minimal