January 2016: review of the financial situation

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January 2016: the financial review

Total expenses: -2.400€

Total Which were the unusual expenses of January?

Outings, trips: -384€

Outings, trips In this budget we have 226€ of train/plane tickets, 88€ of Airbnb for our upcoming trip.

Housing, real-estate: -660€

Housing, real estate The increase of this budget is explained by 260€ of furniture for our rental investment.

Taxes: -180€

I opted for a monthly tax payment during my last tax statement. After re-thinking about it, I don’t want to pay my taxes monthly when I could buffer that money in a life-insurance until I have to pay, so I opted out of the monthly payment.

Education: -460€

Yup, for the last time in my life I had to pay tuition fees. And what fees!

Incomes: +2.400€

Of which 200€ come from renting our flat on Airbnb.

Saving rate: -0,34%

With a negative saving rate, the year 2016 starts in the wrong direction!

It can be explained by the tax prepayment, the furniture for the rental investment and the tuition fees.

Unfortunately, February and March do not suggest the possibility of an increase of this saving rate:

  • we’ll have to pay the workers in charge of the renovations of our rental investment
  • pay the not fundable part of the associated mortgage
  • buy some additional furnitures
  • pay the expenses (Hotels, living expenses) of our incoming trip to the other side of the world
  • a new two days trip is planned to the other side of France during April (around 250€, train tickets included)

Fortunately, we’ll rent our flat on Airbnb during our trip, and I’ll receive the payment for one of my side-job this month. With this I hope to generate a largely positive cash-flow for February.

Given these facts, I will now be able to set my financial goals for 2016.

Dr. Minimal