February 2016: spending review

Dr. Minimal bio photo By Dr. Minimal

February 2016: the financial review

Total expenses: -2.000€


Categories Amount Comment
Vehicles, transports 85€ Ok
Sports, leisure 50€ Ok
Outings, trips 495€ Ok
Services 19€ NOk
Housing, real estate 740€ Ok
Taxes 425€ Ok
Education 63€ Ok
Living expenses 150€ Ok

So we have everything under control, except for the “Services” which include bank fees (any fee above zero is too much).

The traveling budget looks like it exploded, but it was actually planned as part of our 3 weeks trip to Asia, of which 10 days occurred in February. Living expenses in Asia are quite low, so we reduced our groceries budget by more than 50%!

The housing budget also seems to be on fire, but it contains 380€ of decoration & accessories for our new real-estate investment, about which we will talk later!

Incomes: +3.149€

Categories Amount
Salary 2.200€
Teaching gig 770€
Airbnb 180€

Two months a year I get paid for classes I teach, which always is a welcome saving boost!

Also, trip to Asia means empty house and Airbnb income ! We rented the apartment for 8 nights, which produced a comfortable additional income !

Saving rate: +37%

Now that is a sexy saving rate ! Despite the furnitures we had to buy for our new real-estate investment, taxes, and various travel related expenses, I was able to save 37% of my income, boosted by a +960€ of side-gig and Airbnb income !

March should look similar, as we will still be in Asia and gather Airbnb income!

All the best,

Dr. Minimal