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Hello, world

After several months of analysis paralysis, you are finally able to read my first post on this blog.

Behind Dr. Minimal’s name hides1 a French guy on his way to his 30s, early-career employee (yes, I started late), who will record with you on this blog, in English2, his adventures on the road to financial independence.

I will address in particular issues that are of importance to me: happiness, lifestyle, minimalism and personal finances. These subjects, quite independent of each other at first glance, are in fact intrinsically linked, and it is difficult to focus on one while ignoring the others. By writing here, I hope to convince you and take you with me on this adventure.

This blog being my personal window on the cyberspace, I will also take the liberty to write on other topics. In addition to articles on my investment strategies, my monthly spending reports, tricks to simplify your life, you’ll find opinion articles, rants, random stuff I liked, and a bit of everything.

Have a nice stay with us.

Dr. Minimal

  1. I am not hiding, let’s say I am covering myself.

  2. You can read me in French on